What is Socratica Plus

An academic and social development platform using scientific analysis, robust engagement tools and defined processes to capture the daily tasks of students and teachers and translate them to effective analysis.

How does it work?


Socratica Plus provides schools the administration modules to monitor
Administration & Management

Administration & Management

  • Customize school resources to student's specific needs
  • Effectively manage permanent and temporary teaching staff
  • Centrally administer students and enrolments


  • Focus on teaching and improving student education
  • Manage student progress and performance without excessive paperwork
  • Create and distribute assignments with ease
  • Monitor and improve student health and behaviour
Sports and Arts

Sports and Arts

  • Improve recreation facilities to meet demand
  • Assist students in achieving their personal goals
  • Promote student health and community culture


  • Private communication channel between students, parents and teachers
  • Schedule parent teacher interviews at a mutually convenient time

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